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If it fits it ships!

So, I was sewing my Christmas Presents this year for friends, as I am kinda poor and I had lots of left over felt and thread from my Foundation project pictured up above.

I was working through them as gifts and wondered if anyone would be willing to buy/commission one?

They’re simple Felt patches with an embroidered lego/design on them. Above are some of the “duds” I gave out in a giveaway back in May. 

They can theoritically be any size or shape and whilst I designed them originally to be sewn onto TShirts like in the above (categorising people into different friendship groups) I could put them on cards or make them into christmas decorations or anything like that really. 

So would anyone be interested in buying something like this?

I think the ones above would cost about $7.50 each, factoring in costs of materials and the like.

I’d post my latest works, which I am very proud of, but then it would be spoilers for Christmas Presents….

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    Hey look it me looking v attractive!! Buy Anna’s stuff!!
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    Posted to my main blog first because I am in need of money and I have more followers on there so…. sorry.
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    I’ve put them up for pre-order on my store envy. So if you’d like to buy one, you can do so here You’ll need to tell me...
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